Cloudflare DNS not resolving records


I added some records to verify my domain ownership and use other services, but the moment I moved to Cloudflare DNS the records aren’t resolved anymore. The domain records types TXT, MX and CNAME for domain aren’t resolved. I don’t know what to do. Those records still exists in my domain registrar.


Thank you for asking.

Kindly, I’d suggest you to unproxy :grey: (DNS-only) the CNAME autodiscover to remove any possible issues related to your e-mail client and sending/receiving e-mails, if so.

Furthermore, I’ve checked and your website is working and loading fine at my end with Cloudflare nameservers correctly set and resolving to Cloudflare IP.

Can you confirm?

However, the video content of your Website might be violating the ToS? :thinking:
Or rather not, as long as it’s being loaded from another (different) domain.

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