Cloudflare DNS not publishing records

I created four domains at GoDaddy and immediately added them to our Cloudflare DNS, then changed the domain nameservers to use Cloudflare, then added the domains to our Cloudflare portfolio, and finally added A and CNAME records. I did not enable DNSSEC on any of the domains. (We will transfer the domains to Cloudflare when the 60 days is up.)

However, nearly 24 hours later the Cloudflare servers still return strange A records – for example and – which have nothing to do with our server, which is (This was tested with “dig”)

WHOIS for the domains points to the Cloudflare nameservers, so GoDaddy has updated the nameserver info, In our Cloudflare dashboard the correct A and CNAME records are shown A DNSSEC checking site shows the domains as “unsigned”.

Four domains are doing this: and .net, and and .net. I know it can take a while for DNS changes to propagate, but the changes don’t even seem to be implemented within Cloudflare.

I must be missing something. Any idea what could be going on and how to resolve it?

If your DNS records are proxied then Cloudflare IP addresses will be returned. This is so your site visitors’ requests first pass through Cloudflare, so features can be applied, before being forwarded by Cloudflare to your server.

See here…

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Thank you!!! That must be it. Our other domains using Cloudflare DNS have proxy turned off, so I never encountered this before. (It was turned on by default for the new domains, so I wasn’t aware what was going on.)


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