CloudFlare DNS Not Configurable for Rocket.Net Hosting

We are switching our hosting from a service provider to rocket[dot]net hosting, who use Cloudflare at their backbone extensively.

After we had everything configured we were unable to setup the DNS working due to Cloudflare’s security policies. Rocket[dot]net’s IP addresses start with 104. which are owned by Cloudflare, when we enter this address (or custom CNAME in domain format) we get the Prohibited IP error message or CNAME banned error, depending upon whether we use IP address or custom domain name provided by rocket[dot]net.

Screenshot for both of one of error messages is attached:

When contacted, Rocket [dot] net support said: “Our hands are tight, since Cloudflare is not allowing you to point your site to Rocket.”.

Is there any known or proposed solution for this situation?

Thank You.

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