Cloudflare DNS, IP locations and speed

Hello, Cloudflare is my Registrar and the DNS are ABBY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM and NED.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM. I have actually a quite bad speed and making some tests I found that opening a page from Italy it is served from the original server IP in US. Testing with Webpagetest from Frankfurt the page is delivered from a server in Colombia IP, Germany - EC2 - WebPageTest Details
Having my main audience in Europe and in particular in German speaking countries and in Italy, I would prefer that the site would be served from Europe. How can this be configured?
The original site is located on A2 in Amsterdam, in the middle is Ezoic with CNAME

Cloudflare uses an anycast network. The same IP address is served from hundreds of datacenters globally. If you want to determine the datacenter a particular connection is to you can look at the headers or append /cdn–cgi/trace to the hostname (e.g.

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