Cloudflare DNS Incorrect Name Resolution


I am using Cloudflare DNS ( and I noticed an SSL certificate error when attempting to reach The SSL was for *, part of a different corporate website causing an issue with Chrome trusting the cert. Rather than an explicit attack I believe this may be isolated to the DNS service itself. All other devices not on Cloudflare DNS resolve lastpass correctly.

This is the current IP returned from DNS:
which resolves to Akamai at

Other DNS providers resolve to the correct IP:

So the problem is probably with Cloudflare DNS at I just want it noted and investigated.

Hi, this name is on Akamai CDN so it returns a variety of addresses depending on the location of the closest cache. I haven’t seen returned in any of the logs for or any of its subdomain. Can you add a traceroute and capture some debug information to make sure you’re connected to Have problems with *Read Me First*

Result of tracert. I most definitely have my router configured for and for static DNS resolution but I have it connected to a secondary modem with routing capabilities (disabled) from the ISP.

1 <1 ms <1 ms 3 ms []
2 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
3 8 ms 7 ms 2 ms []
4 4 ms 4 ms 3 ms
5 6 ms 5 ms 5 ms
6 5 ms 7 ms 8 ms
7 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms
8 373 ms 16 ms 185 ms
9 10 ms 10 ms 13 ms []

Edit: I thought I had included but I had not. Still having issue.

Hi, sorry I meant a traceroute to, also running the queries from Have problems with *Read Me First* to check that you’re actually connected to