Cloudflare DNS hosting with failover option


Our organization would like to buy a DNS hosting from Cloudflare with DNS failover option. I can’t help myself and find the right price plan.
Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Are you saying you want Backup DNS if Cloudflare DNS fails?

Enterprise plans have a Secondary DNS option, which is about all I can think of that’s similar to this.

Hi, Thank you for you answers.

I mean that Cloudflare failover to my alternate A record if one of my host ( e.x. webserver) fails.

Hi @user25212,

If you want to split traffic between origins generally and fall back on a different one if one fails, you want Zero-Downtime Failover:

This is included on all paid plans.

If you want to always direct requests to one (or a set of) origins and fall to backups if they fail, you want Load Balancing:
This is an add-on on any plan level and is billed on usage.

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How many IP the paid plan can monitor?

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