Cloudflare DNS + Godaddy Websites + Marketing

Hello everyone, I have a domain with Namecheap, the DNS servers for this domain point to Cloudflare. I have a website with GoDaddy using their website + marketing service. GoDaddy has instructed me to enter these 2 DNS records in Cloudflare so that my domain points to my website, A | mysitedomain | (godaddy ip) and CNAME | www | mysitedomain.

So far, everything works fine. The problem arises when I try to set both of my DNS records to ‘Proxied’ in Cloudflare. I can set the CNAME to ‘Proxied’ without any issues but as soon as I set the A record to ‘Proxied’, my website goes down. Do you have any idea why this is happening and whether it’s necessary to set the A record to ‘Proxied’ or not? Thank you so much.

PS. The error i got on my browser when i proxied my A is “too many redirection”.

Too many redirects is almost always caused by improper SSL settings.
Changing your SSL mode in Cloudflare from flexible to Full (strict) usually does the trick.


Aswesome! It’s fixed with your solution. Thank you!


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