Cloudflare DNS Free in e-commerce

Hello everyone, could you please confirm if the free Cloudflare DNS plan can be used to manage a domain that hosts an e-commerce website? It receives approximately 3 million visits per month and accepts all types of payments. Would there be any issues?

Not sure what issue you think there might be, but the free plan is fine for commercial use.


Hi Cyb3r, my issue was about the term (h):

(h) process or collect personal or business credit card information on any web property that is receiving Free Services (as defined below); or

We do collect personal/business credit card because we are an e-commerce, I don’t know if understand wrongly.

Do you directly collect that information on your site or is it handled though a partner site? Unless you are a large operation with a substantial security budget, the former is highly inadvisable as it carries an immense amount of risk.

Its handled by third parties but in our site, we don’t keep any of client data.

Not a Lawyer.
Seems like H refers to Free Services in 2.6. I believe it is referring to you can’t collect credit card information on stuff like the free plans of workers but the transmission over the information is fine from user to your origin.

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