Cloudflare DNS for Office356 at GoDaddy

GoDaddy is where my domain is registered.
GoDaddy provides email for my domain via Office356.
The DNS records are at Cloudflare.
I found the page at GoDaddy that has all the info I’m supposed to place in DNS records for email to work. I input them all at Cloudflare. When I try to send email to my domain it gets rejected with an “invalid recipient” error.

I assume I did something wrong with the DNS records at Cloudflare, but I’m not sure what. I have exported my email-related DNS records from Cloudflare and am posting them here in the hopes that someone more knowledgeable than I can see the problem.

(If it matters, all the CNAME records are proxied. All the non-CNAME records are “DNS Only.”)

;; CNAME Records
autodiscover.MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN CNAME autodiscover.outlook. com.
email.MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN CNAME email.secureserver. net.
lyncdiscover.MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN CNAME com.
msoid.MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN CNAME clientconfig.microsoftonline-p. net.

;; MX Records

;; SRV Records
_sipfederationtls._tcp.MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN SRV 100 1 5061 com.
_sip._tls.MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN SRV 100 1 443 com.

;; TXT Records
MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN TXT “v=spf1 com -all”
MYDOMAIN.EXT. 1 IN TXT “NETORGFT5199098.onmicrosoft. com”

Here is the Microsoft guide for setting up office 365 and yours looks good.
Are you getting a return email that says, invalid recipient, because if so then it sounds like the end-user you are emailing does not exist?

Thank you for double-checking my work. I appreciate it.

The user I am trying to send to does exist. In accumulating evidence to prove that I discovered another interesting symptom of my present state:

  1. Before I moved the DNS details to Cloudflare email was working fine, and I successfully sent emails to and from an account I created there.
  2. Even now I can log in to Office365 as this user and send email.
  • mail I send from the account does get delivered.
  • if I reply directly to an email sent from the account, the reply does go back to Office365 succesfully.
  • the problem arises when I try to initiate a NEW email to the Office365 account. That is when I see the “invalid recipient” error.

This is now resolved. I renamed the one free email user I get with my GoDaddy account and then renamed it back to the original name. Now email is working. I guess my renaming must have had the effect of forcing GoDaddy/Office356 to regenerate records for that user in a way that was more consistent with my Cloudflare DNS settings. I don’t really understand, but it worked.

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