Cloudflare DNS exposing real IP address as well as proxied

When I perform an nslookup of a host on my domain, I get two records: the proxied address and the real address. This occurs for records where the orange proxied state is turned on.

There doesn’t seem to be much point to proxying if the real address is exposed.


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It can be the problem of your local DNS if you previously announced the real IP in your DNS record. Try clearing the cache of your local DNS, or use to ensure you can get the latest record.

Then it would not show both addresses. But it will be most likely a local issue.

Thanks guys. I have tried with and got the same result. I also tried from a machine belonging to an entirely different domain that should have no cached records.

If you lookup, you always get two results.

The only DNS servers in this domain are and

I haven’t yet found a way to ask Cloudflare support directly: they only seem to want us to go to the community.

I’m wondering if it is a DNS setup error…

  1. I have an A record for the domain with the server address. The proxy is turned on.
  2. www is a CNAME record pointing to the above A record, also with proxy on.

These are the only two records related to and they both have proxy on.

Thanks everyone: I just figured it out.

Not a problem: Cloudflare is just serving up 2 addresses for proxy. Because one is very similar looking to the real address (and in my hastiness I didn’t read it properly), I made a silly assumption.

All good.

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Yes, Cloudflare does provide more than one address. In that case your setup should be all right.

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