So today I switched my domain from OVH name servers to Cloudflare names ervers and since then my domain looks like it doesn’t exist. Can’t ping, cant connect, nslookup shows “Server failed”. Chrome throws out DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. In Cloudflare dashboard, it shows that my domain is secured by Cloudflare. I know that Cloudflare currently has some issues, also with DNS update. So should I just wait for DNS propagation to kick in or it shouldn’t be like that and I did something wrong?


It’s the same here. There are more than 40 subdomain names that cannot be resolved.

Looks like it is a known issue.

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Currently, approximately 30 of our newly redirected sites are not working. We cannot redirect one by one to restore it. When will this problem be solved? What should we do?

у меня тоже сайт не работает в зоне .online что делать? Решится ли эта проблема?