Cloudflare DNS Down?

My website has been unreachable for the last few hours for myself and people who have tried from their homes(local friends). However if I change my own laptop windows HOSTS file to point my domain name directly to my webserver IP address then my website works flawlessly. It is only when a visitor has to lookup the DNS records apparently which are pointing to cloudflare as they always have. No changes made by me on cloudflare or website for days!

Its working for me, what is your Domain?

I have since realized that my website is available only in some locations, and others it is ERROR 522. After investigating a bit, it appears that some of cloudflare IPs might be blocked from my server. However I cannot figure out where they would be blocked in my Apache/WHM settings?

You can block IPs in your Apache VHost Files when i remeber correctly but that is an extremly rare case, most of the Time you would simply block IPs in a Firewall like iptables.

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