Cloudflare DNS does not appearing to be redirecting


Good morning. I changed over to CloudFlare DNS last week and everything seemed to go fine. I have the “orange cloud” enabled for each A record and when I ping it I get the IP which belongs to CloudFlare which makes sense. I am not able to reach my actual site though. It seems its not redirecting. If I disable the orange cloud everything works fine.

Am I missing something or not understanding how this works?



What did you configure for it to redirect? Can you post the URL?


I was under the assumption that the redirect was automatic. Basically I have an A record for a subdomain with the name “mysite”. This then points to my servers IP address. I thought what should happen is when I type it hits cloudflares servers then redirects to my actual IP.



It doesnt redirect but it tunnels to the IP address.


That makes sense. Any idea how I would troubleshoot why its not tunneling to the IP?


Well, as I already asked two hours ago you could start with the URL.