Cloudflare dns data center location LUX

I live in Luxembourg. Cloudflare has dns server here. But when i check it says Amsterdam (AMS) or LHR server location.
If i connect with Warp application it connects to Luxembourg cloudflare server. But if i use on Chrome browser Cloudflare or private dns in Android, it never connects to LUX.
Is there any reason for that?
Thank you

Which datacenter you reach is generally controlled by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)'s routing and peering and not by Cloudflare. You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

I think the question is why WARP connects to LUX, but everything else goes out of country.

My only theory is it depends on which port the app is using and how the ISP routes that type of traffic.

I’ve just noticed interesting thing.
I turn on Warp, it connects to LUX. Then i open Chrome (with cloudflare dns in settings) and it shows AMS. I open another browser and it also shows AMS (i have private dns on android also set to cloudflare).
Now I’m even more lost :slight_smile:

Same here. Maybe @kkrum can educate us.

Probably something related with DoT (private dns). Once i remove it, jumps to LUX…

Thx for the ping!

DoH requests to Cloudflare happen outside the tunnel

All other DNS requests happen inside the tunnel. If your DNS Protocol is set to WARP for instance, that is plain and inside the tunnel.

If you are in a Teams configuration however, all requests are DoH and made outside the tunnel :smile:

Now as to why the ISP routing gods are directing your DoH, or outside tunnel DNS requests (because WARP is off) to LHR/AMS instead of LUX… that is a good question. It’s possible we made a configuration change during the time of your test based on load… or upgrades… or… something on our side. Or as others suggested, something your ISP is doing for some reason.

From a performance standpoint are you noticing significantly worse latency routing to AMS or LHR vs. LUX?


I don’t notice any latency. I’ve just started putting more attention on that after finding a bug on fritzbox DoT implementation where you need to restart router every few days. Also on some android phones private DNS also at some point cuts out the internet if i am on wifi. But this is a different topic.
I was just wondering why not Lux if i could literally walk to your data center and connect directly with the LAN cable :slightly_smiling_face:
I might be ISP related (orange/luxembourg online).
Thank you for your answer.

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