Cloudflare DNS Dashboard strippes away domain names from TXT names

Currently trying to add a domain to GitHub as a protected domain to prevent others from using it in their GitHub pages.
One part of this protection setup is to actually set a TXT record with _github-pages-challenge-<domain>-<tld> set as name.

The issue I encounter right now is, that setting a TXT entry like required by GitHub makes Cloudflare automatically remove the domain part.
For example, setting _github-pages-challenge-example-com results in the entry being called _github-pages-challenge

What is actually happening here? And can I fix or prevent this somehow?

Sure, but have you checked if the TXT record is existing, visible and a valid one on some public DNS checker?

No need to worry in terms of Cloudflare stripping out the domain name part in the DNS record - I believe it’s much more easier to read and keep on track with them :wink:

I am afraid not as far as for now there is no option to “hide/unhide domain name part in the DNS records”.

I feel like you missunderstood some of my points here.

The issue is not that parts of the domain are hidden.
The actual issue is that part of the TXT name get removed.

Like creating a TXT entry called _github-pages-challenge-example-com - which at the end would be as a whole domain - would be changed to _github-pages-challenge by Cloudflare, resulting in which is not valid for GitHub itself.

I’m able to replicate this. It does strip off the -example-com part of the subdomain. Interesting that it doesn’t recognize it’s dashes, and not dots, but strips it off anyway.

I suggest you open a ticket via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and then post the ticket # as soon as you get the auto-reply so we can escalate this.

Well… After not finding any legit way to create a support ticket did I decide to make a normal email to the address you provided, only for the ticket to be created, immediately get “resolved” and then getting an automated response giving me 5 useless options on how to “solve” the issue, including the suggestion to upgrade to a business plan for instant 24/7 support.

I didn’t expect a lot in terms of support since I use the free plan, but not even getting the option of a proper ticket to be looked at is seriously disappointing, especially for such a large company like Cloudflare here…

I’m sorry you misinterpreted my response. Free plans don’t come with support, which is why I asked you to email (it is a legit method for creating tickets), then post the ticket number (which you didn’t do) so I could escalate it.

Here’s the ID: #2295090

I did give a somewhat harsh response on the ticket, but that’s because I seriously dislike automated systems that instantly mark a ticket as resolved, instead of only giving some feedback and let the creator decide if they want to call it resolved…

Any update on this? Has this been forwarded or something?

Someone found a workaround:

I also found a solution by now. You can upload a TXT file with the name and corresponding value as content.
CF doesn’t seem to apply that strange filter on uploaded files, which is nice, but good to know about this other solution.

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