Cloudflare DNS connects me to servers in Spain

when I’m using cloudflare’s DNS it connects me to servers in Spain and I’m from El Salvador, it only happens with the current ISP with the other ISPs, it connects me to servers in MIAMI
a few days ago I started connecting to servers in Spain and before I connected to servers in MIAMI
when I do a speed test in cloudflare it automatically connects me to Spain

that’s why I don’t use Warp +
but I like WARP +

is there somewhere to report the bug?

have a nice day

Are you saying this is through WARP+ VPN? If so, there’s a Bug reporter in the app.

sorry for my bad English.
yes I mean that if I use the normal DNS of CLoudflare ( the name resolution is created in Spain.
if I use Warp it connects me to the cloudflare server in Madrid.

Before, it worked well for Miami servers (I am from El Salvador and Miami servers work better for me because I have a lower ping).
to Miami my ping is 30 MS
To Maddrid my ping is 180 MS

that’s why I’m temporarily using Google DNS

if i use a Miami VPN (for example windscribe) yes it connect to CLoudflare MIAMI.
but if I connect with my normal connection it connects me to Madrid Spain

thanks for your answer.