Cloudflare DNS Ashley & Teo cannot be validated by Crazy Domains

I purchased a domain from Crazy Domains and was able to update the DNS to Cloudflare using sasha .ns .Cloudflare .com and sullivan .ns .Cloudflare .com successfully yet when I try to use the current DNS that Cloudflare recommends which is Ashley & Teo they are rejected as invalid by Crazy Domains. I have been able to update other domains at other providers with Ashley & Teo without problems it is only Crazy Domains that report difficulties. Crazy Domains claim the issue is with Cloudflare and I need to confirm that I have the correct server names with Cloudflare. : Ashley .ns .Cloudflare .com Teo .ns .Cloudflare .com . Any thoughts?

May I ask if you’ve tried reaching out to your domain registrar for any feedback information about this particular case? :thinking:

I would send them a screenshot from the CF dashboard → DNS, where the ashley and teo are listed and visible for my domain.

Thanks Cloudflare emailed me reminding me that the website DNS were not pointing to Cloudflare and to update them to the ones Cloudflare had previously advised so I forwarded this email to Crazy Domains and they were able to update it at their end, something I couldn’t do in the DNS panel of the domain directly myself.

Ultimately it is problem with Crazy Domains.

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