Cloudflare DNS and InfinityFree's Hosting

Hey guys!

I mean, the topic says it all. But, I don’t wanna switch the DNS from cloudflare but, since, InfinityFree wants the nameservers to be transferred (for a custom domain), it’ll mean I have to change the DNS as well from cloudflare to InfinityFree… I registered my domain in NameCheap. Please help me ASAP

InfinityFree makes their own rules, so you’ll have to do as they say. Other posts suggest that you can activate Cloudflare from within InfinityFree. And even other posts suggest they can use Cloudflare direct.

In the end, it’s up to InfinityFree what they’ll allow.



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Hi @emergenitro,

Just to add to what @sdayman said, InfinityFree have the requirement that nameservers point to them when you add the domain to validate it. Once the domain has been successfully added there, you can then change the Nameservers back to Cloudflare, point your DNS records to InfinityFree and you should be good to go!


Dope! that’s also what I needed!!!

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