Cloudflare DNS Accounts Issue

Hi, Support,

Can anyone help me, actually i am already using cloudflare DNS for my website and i want to move
the account to another to manage separately so my question is about can i add the third and forth DNS in the nameservers which is definitely from the other account, this is because i dont want a downtime once these 3rd and 4th DNS propagated successfully then i will remove the 1st and 2nd one NS.

Any DNS specialist can answer me for cloudflare two accounts using at same time.


What’s the domain and what do you actually want to do? Move it to another Cloudflare account?

And no, this is not support :wink:

Yes, my domain name is already running under cloudflare account and i wanted to move to another cloudflare account when adding the same domain name in the second account it is giving us the new nameservers and i believe, will add those DNS for the 3rd and 4th and after 24 hours, i will be propagated successfully then i will remove the DNS of the previous account.

By doing this way is to minimize the downtime which DNS propagation required.

Waiting for your quick reply.


All right, that domain is currently active on an account where the nameservers phoenix and fattouche are assigned. I presume you want to move this to another account, correct?

In this case, you follow exactly these steps

  1. Add the domain to the other account
  2. Make sure the DNS entries on the second account match exactly the ones from the original account
  3. Apply any other configurations that may be necessary (e.g. firewall)
  4. Set your domain to the nameservers which were assigned in the second account and drop the original ones

At that point your domain will be subject to propagation but because both accounts are identically configured, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Ok but tell me when adding the new nameservers during propagation, is there any downtime will be faced? or when dns propagated successfully then removing the first and second dns, any downtime will be faced?

Waiting for ur quick reply.


I already addressed that

Is there any automatically way to copy the account and import to another account? except dns.

DNS can be exported, everything else has to be done manually - or you use the API, but that will still require code

is there any way to find out what things i am using in the current account? i mean API etc.

You need to discuss this with whomever configured your account, respectively go through the individual sections.

ok thanks sandro for ur speedy help.


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