Cloudflare Disrupting Redirect

We implemented a new website under a new domain for a client. When we went to do the redirect, Cloudflare “appeared” and seems to be disrupting the redirect. The former website company and former IT company say they have no idea who set up Cloudflare. The current IT company also said that they didn’t set up Cloudflare. I’ve tried pushing a Password Reset and Forgot Login, but no one is claiming to have received the message.

And, of course, we can’t get a person with Cloudflare on the phone.

If I could figure out some portion of whose email is attached to the account, I could unravel all of this.

Any ideas??

Clarification: When we went to redirect their old domain to the new domain. . .


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What is the name of the domain in question?

gctrust dot com

Can you elaborate on that or share a screenshot?

Can you describe the steps to reproduce this?

The domain you shared has no history of using Cloudflare

In order to interact with Support via tickets, chat, slack, and/or phone support, you need to contact them from the account that holds the domain.

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When I visit (over HTTP because it isn’t listening on HTTPS) it loads a Cloudflare Error 1001 page. It is likely connected to Hubspot. I don’t know how or where you have configured your redirect, but It doesn’t appear to be happening. You appear to be instead sending requests to Hubspot (who uses Cloudflare) and it doesn’t like them.

% dig +short

% whois|grep Organization && whois|grep Organization
Organization:   HubSpot, Inc. (HUBSP-8)
Organization:   HubSpot, Inc. (HUBSP-8)

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