Cloudflare disrespecting max-age header even when Browser Cache TTL is set to 'Respect Existing Headers'

We have our website at configured to use Cloudflare load balancer and use origins at and

Both the origins set max-age=600 but when using in a browser, i get http status 304 on every subsequent request after the first one, even after 600 seconds have passed, the ‘age’ header keeps going beyond 600.

Should it not fetch a fresh copy after 600 seconds have elapsed?

I believe it is a Cloudflare thing as accessing or directly doesn’t give me any such problem.

What am i doing wrong? Please help. Thanks.

Also, the issue disappears if i pause Cloudflare by entering ‘Development Mode’.

Hello! This is expected behaviour as you’re using APO.

APO does not respect cache control header directive for Edge Caching.

APO will cache your pages for 30 days and revalidate it 30+ seconds after an update.


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