CloudFlare displaying Apache 2 Test Page instead of the site

I don’t honestly know what is causing this at 100% but I will show some proof, I’m using NGINX on my server the configuration is the same I used for 3 years (server wide and Cloudflare), when I enable Cloudflare this happens:

and when I check the IP using my domain this IP display:
System Details:
Running on: Cloudflare
Powered by: PHP/5.3.4 (btw I’m using 7.0)
This is causing even the cPanel to get that page, even when I shut down the entire server that page still display, after checking all the configuration and everything this always happens, the only way I found for now is to clompletly disable DNS pointing to Cloudflare.
Can anyone help?

What if you :grey: that DNS entry here?
When it’s :orange:, how about enabling Development Mode from the Overview tab?

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