Cloudflare disabled my domain for violation (my fault)


I have a site with quite a lot of video content that I have been passing through Cloudflare network (uncached). I understand this was really stupid of me and Cloudflare has disabled my domain.

I was unaware of the TOS and assumed its only an issue if the content is cached. Anyway, this was completely my fault and I’m the one to blame here.

I moved my sites media content to a subdomain so now I only have HTML content on main domain (orange cloud) and all statics (MP4, JPG etc) will pass to my origin directly (grey cloud).

Unfortunately, after requesting Cloudflare to consider reinstating my account, I received, “The restrictions on your domain will remain.” :((

I know I made a mistake but accepted my mistake and made all the necessary changes.
Is there any way Cloudflare will reconsider my request?


Hi @Remo97, sorry for the troubles. This site is for users of cloudflare to help other users and we can’t see the details you’re referencing. Best bet is to explain the same details to trust & safety.

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