Cloudflare Disabled in Bluehost cpanel

I thought I had my website configured for Cloudflare. When I do a whois lookup on my domain, the name servers listed are Cloudflare nameservers, not Bluehost nameservers. When I click on Cloudflare in my cpanel, the status is disabled. Can any help to troubleshoot this problem and get Cloudflare properly configured again.

Is your domain registered at Bluehost? It’s possible that you changed the name servers, and BlueHost isn’t letting you use their Cloudflare integration.

If you’re really stuck, let me know. I’m staring at a bunch of BlueHost staff right now and can give them a quick ask.

Thank you for the message. I think you might be right about the Cloudflare integration, and I am stuck. My domain is registered at Bluehost: I changed the Bluehost name servers to the Cloudflare name servers and got a confirmation. Now, I don’t see the Cloudflare servers in Bluehost. I only see the Bluehost servers, and Cloudflare is disabled in the cPanel.

Actually, I stand corrected. The Cloudflare name servers are listed in the cPanel. Cloudflare is disabled in the cPanel, however. The Cloudflare name servers also show up in the Whois lookup. I’m still trying to figure out if my site is activated on Cloudflare.

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I spoke with Bluehost technical support. He said that there is a know issue with Cloudflare integration (hence Cloudflare appears as Disabled in the cPanel). He said that I should manage Cloudflare from the Cloudfare site. My site appears to be active in Cloudflare. Thanks.

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That’s the way I like to do it. Set them up directly in Cloudflare. Sometimes, hosts offer extra Cloudflare features for free if you use their integration, but that’s the only reason I’d agree with for using Cloudflare though their host integration.

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