Cloudflare disable SSL now getting too many directs

i currently have SSL set up the way i want on my nginx rpi server but when i set my CDN to cloudflare that drops the security.

i disabled universal SSL and now i get a too many direct error.

What is the correct way to completely bypass the SSL and use my own already provided by my server.

Im on the free plan and i dont have any intention to pay if i need to in order to use my SSL, ill just go back to my previous hosting.

Only by unproxying your DNS records (switching :orange: to :grey:), though this will essentially disable Cloudflare’s core service for you and you will only use the DNS service.

so i want to be sure i understand this right…I have to pay money to use my own SSL certificate and that there is no way i can bypass the SSL have it sent to my hosting without disabling cloud services?

Well, you can purchase a business plan, which will allow you to import your own certificate to Cloudflare. Other than that you only have the option to direct requests to your server or to proxy and use Cloudflare’s certificate on the edge servers and your own on your own server.

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