Cloudflare + digital ocean droplet + backblaze b2 s3 + discourse

Does anyone know if this combination works correctly? I’m considering setting this up soon. My discourse community is hosted on a digital ocean droplet. My domain name is behind the free tier of cloudflare. My community images are hosted in the cloud on backblaze. The images get served from backblaze, through the s3 compatibility with discourse. Partnership between cloudflare and backblaze offers free transfer rate and the first 10 GB of storage free, saving me money. Increases the speed of the website because digitalocean droplet server load is taken off of loading images, and images are loaded faster because they are served from locations nearest the user due to cloudflare as the cdn in front of the bucket of backblaze storage.

I’m kinda new to all of this, but is this logic correct?

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If it’s working now without Cloudflare, then it’s 99% likely it will work with Cloudflare.

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