Cloudflare didn't improve site page load time


my site server is in Germany. and my audiences are in Iran. so to increase page load time, i decided to use cloudflare as cdn. but after enabling cloudflare, my site page load speed didn’t change, it got even worse.

as you see in pictures below, page load speed from London is 1.5 second as it was before using cloudflare.

and page load speed from Canada and India is even worse than before.

how come? why it hasn’t change? like there is no cdn and getting data from main server in Germany with worse page load time.

my website address is:
I’m using the last version of Joomla cms.


How many times did you run the test? I tested from San Jose. First run was about 5 seconds, and repeat tests dropped to 1.3 seconds once the Cloudflare cache was loaded.

With a POP in Kuwait, I’d expect a performance increase to Iran, though I don’t know how fast connections from Iran are.


You might want to try a different speed testing tool. GTmetix is nice for looking at every single rule possible, but I find it’s always slow. Either they are overloaded, or they want to sell you their speed tricks.
Try these instead/also:


I tested my site with webpagetest too. it says the same thing, ttfb is very low. is there a any configuration for joomla too work well with cloudflare.
in my tests i found that connection between test-server and cloudflare-server is slow.


If your main page isn’t cached, then, yes, you are getting the non-cached data from Germany. Plus the extra hop through Cloudflare. Your TTFB isn’t going to improve in this case…but your overall load time should improve as Cloudflare caches most everything else.

From the below results, TTFB in Germany is excellent (of course), and the rest does suffer a bit, but the overall time is still pretty good (TTFB plus .5 seconds) for such a resource-heavy site:


I’ve a website on CloudFlare cdn, but my visitors in the UAE are being served content from CloudFlare California instead of their data center in Dubai, UAE.
Do I need to upgrade to Pro? or Free account also does that?


Odd, California is a long way from Dubai.

I tested my free domain from a Dubai test point and the POP came up as MCT (Muscat, Oman).

What’s your domain?