Cloudflare didn't fetch Bing Verification CNAME when adding my site?


Cloudflare didn’t fetch my Bing Verification CNAME when adding my site but all other DNS records are fine.

I have done Bing verification about 15 days ago, and tonight I wanted to join Cloudflare.

How I should solve this?
Is it by adding the CNAME record manually on the “Review DNS records” page?

3c1d90482fef7abf413… where should I put this, in NAME or TARGET? … where should I put this, in NAME or TARGET??

Please help…

I feel like I have asked very silly questions but I’m totally new.

Thanking you in advance for the kind help.


Sounds like you need an unproxied CNAME record.

Post a screenshot of the instruction as well as of what you have configured. Most likely the Microsoft host name should go into the content field.


Hi Sandro,
Thanks for your kind reply.

The screenshot shows the verification I have done 15 days ago and I took the screenshot from CPANEL > ZONE EDITOR.

I’m wondering that the solution you have provided won’t create any duplicates or anything like that. I mean, Cloudflare didn’t fetch the BING VERIFICATION CNAME but fetched all others. So if I create it manually as you said then it will be just okay?

If you need that verification for a domain which is on Cloudflare you have to create that record on Cloudflare. No other nameserver has any authority in the first place.

Ok let me do it then… Thanks for the big help!

^ this is how it is in my DNS RECORDS

So should I put it this way in the field you said or just the 3c1d90482fef7abf413 and it will take my domain automatically.

Just as in my screenshot.

Thank you very much and sorry to bother you again.

No worries, just for the future, it’s easier if you post the full details on what you need to configure and what you already have. :slight_smile:

Surely I do, thanks for the suggestion.

Did you manage to set everything up? If you post the domain we could verify it.

not yet finished… still struggling…

I’m currently at QUICK START GUIDE where I have to make choices for Improve security and Optimize performance.

Improve Security:
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - ON/OFF (not sure about this)
Always use HTTPS - ON/OFF (my site already has an SSL, so wondering if I should keep it on or off)

Optimize performance:
Auto Minify - JavaScript/CSS/HTML (my site files are already minified)
Brotli - ON/OFF (don’t know about it)

Should I keep all ON and minified what Cloudflare offers?

Should most likely be on.

That’s just an automatic redirect Cloudflare performs and that can/should be on if you plan to use HTTPS anyhow.

These two can be on as well, though minify occasionally minifies too much, so disable it should it break anything.

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