Cloudflare didn’t recognize the domain from the SSL Certificate that they installed to your site which leads to redirection from to

Everything on my website became a challenge after I installed Cloudflare and tried to create a secure site. I was supposed to launch a new business on December 1, instead I have been unable to complete the development of my site due to http and https mixed records and worse. According to the people trying to help me they informed me:

" Cloudflare didn’t recognize the domain from the SSL Certificate that they installed to your site which leads to redirection from to"

There complete message to me was:

" Thank you for reaching out to us.

I have logged in to your website, Cpane,l and Cloudflare to investigate the issue on our end.

I did several changes to your Cloudflare settings and to your site. The configuration are all correct however when we activate your SSL in Cloudflare it redirects your site to different domain – The problem now is from your Cloudflare settings and technical support from them is needed to resolve the issue – this issue because the SSL installed to your site is a FREE and SHARED SSL certificate but for some reason Cloudflare didn’t recognize the domain from the SSL Certificate that they installed to your site which leads to redirection from to so I have to deactivate the SSL to remove the redirection.

I’m sorry, I think you should contact now your Cloudflare support to investigate the issue.

We tried to do our best to solve this issue but still not working and Cloudflare needed here to resolve the issue."



What I see is that thewhoamiquiz has a valid SSL certificate from Cloudflare:
Loading https for thewhoamiquiz redirects me to the http version.

The grub site has DNS and hosting at GoDaddy, so that’s outside of Cloudflare’s configuration.

The thewhoamiquiz site is fully functional. Did you want visitors to that site to automatically get redirected to the grub site?

No I do not. I do not even know who that is.

Ok, so the issue is you had a problem with SSL for your domain that was causing it to redirect to the grub site.

As I said in my post, your site is loading correctly through Cloudflare, but HTTPS requests redirect to the HTTP version.

  1. What is the SSL setting for your domain? This is in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings page. It’s either Off, Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)

  2. Do you know where the redirect from HTTPS to HTTP is configured?

At the moment everything is paused or turned off, or that is how it was. I would be more than willing to give you the email address and PW so you can see for yourself, if there is a safe way for me to give you that information.

Sorry, I’m just a customer who helps out on the forums. I don’t log into other customers’ website, but I’m glad to help out with questions in the forum. There are people on who can help out, though.

If your site is configured for Flexible, this means the URL in your Wordpress General Settings is http. There’s a Wordpress plugin that helps with Flexible mode:

If your site is configured for Full or Full (Strict), your Wordpress URL should have HTTPS and adding this line to your .htaccess file will fix Mixed Content errors:
Header always set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

It has been over a week since I set this up, can you step me where to look in each section of the Cloudflare Dashboard to look and give you what it is currently set to, and this way I can answer all your questions and we will both be on the same page on what is correct, incorrect, what SSL certificate I have, etc.

Can you run through this exercise with me, you tell me what to look, where to look and what to report back to you?

I just got off the phone with Godaddy, they state there is no redirection on their end. they assert it is an issue with you and your SSL Certificate. They assert since I do not have a personal SSL I am bundled with 90 others and you probably will not do what needs to be done to resolve the issue since it is a free SSL and I am just unlucky and out of luck.

Are they correct?

I can’t do anything. I’m a customer and have no access to your account.

You didn’t answer my first question about your SSL setting. So I had to take some wild guesses with the solutions I presented a couple posts up.

@eric14, probably not. If the shared cert is an issue (I don’t think so), a dedicated cert is an option. But…SSL has been off for 2 days, I see the cert on your origin, pinging returns the same ip as you’re pointing to in DNS. is not using Cloudflare.

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If they share a common host IP address, this makes me think the redirect is due to a server misconfiguration where the Alphabetically First domain becomes the default website served for malformed requests.

So…once you get your domain ironed out, none of your visitors should be redirected to the grub site. Though I never experienced the redirect, so maybe this has already been sorted out.

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I do not understand what any of that means unfortunately. I have nothing to do with this grub site. I do not know who they are, how I am connected, why I am redirected for GoDaddy is not directing me there so can you please tell me in laymen terms what you think I need to do for I am stuck. Go Daddy was saying I need to pay $75 dollars for their SSL certificate and the problem will go away. PLEASE, I need to get my business launched I am 10 days behind and Christmas is approaching quickly and now I will be traveling for two day and unable to touch or do anything.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I just really do not know what all that means about pointing to same DNS. Someone else originally set up the hosting through what I believe was a free hosting service but I am not sure and I do not have contact with them anymore and right now my only known option is who is hosting until I get revenue coming in then I can back up my sight and move it,

I’ve seen no evidence of a redirect to the grub site, so I’m considering that problem solved.

@eric14, you have no association with the grub site, understood. Nor does Cloudflare have an association with grub. But, your hosting provider is hosting grub at the same address as your site. In and of itself, that is not an issue and to be expected, especially for free. But, something is not configured properly on their end. Throwing more money at the issue is not the solution. They need to fix the redirect.

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