Cloudflare dialog closes when trying to scroll

The dialog cancels out, so you lose everything you typed. This can be frustrating when using a computer with a low-resolution monitor and you need to scroll down to see the rest of the dialog.

Log into Cloudflare,
Choose one of the domains I own
Click on “Page Rules” tab.
Click the blue “Create Page Rule” button
Type something into the “If the URL matches” field.
On the right, click the browser’s scrollbar

Suddenly the dialog disappears and all progress is apparently gone.

Am using latest Chrome on Windows

In my case the scrollbar is greyed out

So it shouldnt be clicked in the first place. On Firefox it does seem to be still within UI reach and attempting to click in its area does dismiss the dialog, on Chrome on the other hand that does not seem to be the case (Chrome 72).

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