Cloudflare desktop client with warp is on but disconnected

I’ve been using cloudflare with wrap for months now on windows 10 v1909
I recently upgraded windows to 202H. and ever since, wrap won’t work.
I hit the switch, and I get disconnected.


*restarting everything, and reinstalling.
*resetting network in windows 10 then reinstalling cloudflare client.
*resetting firewall, and even turning it off completely.
*installing older version and the latest one.

none of which resolved the issue
It works fine on my android phone (connected to the same network), other vpns work fine too.

I tried connecting to another network, still doesn’t work (same issue)


Can you explain more, you mean you do not have access to the Internet after connecting or Warp+ does not connect?

  • Go to Preferences / Connection “Reset All Settings” and then reconnect.