Cloudflare deprecated the Zone Analytics REST API on the 12th of December, 2019 and we encourage our customers to use the new GraphQL Analytics APIs instead

I received an email relating to Cloudflare deprecated the Zone Analytics REST API.

I am unsure how to use the new Graph QL Analytics API.

Is there a tutorial I could follow?

Try this:

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Thank you, I just read it, it looks very technical.

How do I know if I am using the Zone Analytics REST API?

When I log into Cloudflare is there an easy way of switching from Zone Analytics REST API to he new GraphQL Analytics APIs?

API is a script-based system for use outside Cloudflare’s Dashboard system. It’s the same data…just a different retrieval system.

Hey mate. Sorry to ask you a question out of nowhere. But I don’t know how this website works. Plus I’m trying to play a casino but it’s saying to come on here. If you can help me out with a little information that would be really good. If not that’s understandable.

Hi Sdayman

Thanks for your help with this.

Ok cool, so it does not impact on the Cloudflare service as it’s purely analytics.

If I wanted to use the new Zone Analytics do I need to get a developer to add the code to my site?

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