Cloudflare deleted my domain – Re-adding the domain created 600+ records

Hi there,

Having a major issue with one of our websites which Cloudflare deleted.

We had an email notification saying that the domain was removed by Cloudflare.

When adding the domain back in to Cloudflare, the ‘Review DNS records’ step has shown over 600 A records being added. We only had about 15 DNS records max.

They’re all spammy looking A / CNAME records like this:

This has happened before and we had to use Cloudflare API to clean all the dodgy records.

My question is why is this happening? Has Cloudflare been compromised? What’s the best way to clean the whole list and start fresh, copying the DNS records from our domain provider?

You probably have a wildcard (*) subdomain entry. As a result, every subdomain Cloudflare checks to search for DNS records matches and they are all offered for import.


Thanks for the reply.

Will check through the list to see. How can I remove all these entries at once?

Also, The IP address is a dedicated VPS server which hosts only 3-4 sites on, and none of them have A records for any of these DNS records.

They go from every number, then into a whole bunch of random A letters and number combinations like,, all the way to

I can’t spot a reason for Cloudflare deleting the domain either under the Audit Log.

It’s the 2nd time this has happened and only for this domain so I’m trying to figure out the root cause to fix it.

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I’ll have a web tool at some point when it’s finished. You can use the API as you did before, or use this tool…

As I mentioned, you just need the wildcard (*) subdomain which will match for any subdomain Cloudflare tests for. Delete it if you don’t need it.

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