Cloudflare delay hinders downloads from Typesettercms

After a DDos - Shield was put over it is not possibe to download informations and zip-files from within the cms from typesettercms-com.

Examples Themes - Typesetter CMS — newest themes –
or : …/Plugins/125_Anti_Spam_Math?cmd=download (a zip-file)
Neither an ajax-download functions now. Who has an idea for a code evtl. with a delay ?

I can download both themes and the zip file.

The download after passing Cloudflare after 5 seconds in the browser functions of course - but from within the CMS every connection to typesettercms-com is blocked. That means that the search for avalable and for new plugins and themes is blocked and that an installation with automatic download of the zips from within the CMS is blocked.
The demo at has only : Themes → Manage and Available (search for newest is not included).
This means that i have to go with ftp or a similar tool and download the unzipped zips into the data - or theme - folder manually (the they appaear under available).
Perhaps it is the DDos filter which blocks too general

You have enabled Under Attack mode and CF will do a Browser Integrity Check so automated requests cannot pass the challenge.

What do You mean with 'have enabled Under Attack mode ’ ?

I saw also

I will have to inform the owner of - thank You !

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