Cloudflare default setting (Plan: Free Website)


Hello dear Cloudflare community,

I would like to know if there is a way to reset the Cloudflare setting (Plan: Free Website). Unfortunately I messed up pretty much with the options and I keep getting the same “TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” error.

I tried to delete and re-add a brand new website but Cloudflare seems to save those previous settings.

Thank you ! :wink:

Cheers from France !


Sorry, no. But I’d make sure of the following:

  • SSL is set to Off (Crypto Tab)
  • Get rid of all Page Rules
  • Turn off anything that says HTTPS in Crypto Tab

That will probably fix the Too Many Redirects. If you have more questions, post the domain name.


Hi Sdayman,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Actually I bought my domain name on Namecheap, then I pointed it to Inmotion Hosting (by using the Inmotion Hosting nameservers).

But I wanted to speed up my website using the free Cloudflare CDN. So I replaced again the nameservers (on Namecheap) by the Cloudflare nameservers.

Since that, I constantly got the same “TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” error.

I will try to follow your advices and I will get back to you.

My domain names is :

Thanks ! :wink:



I did everything you told me :

  • SSL is set to Off (Crypto Tab)
  • Get rid of all Page Rules
  • Turn off anything that says HTTPS in Crypto Tab

But unfortunately I’m still getting this “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” as you can see here :

Do you think that I have to disable also the “TLS 1.3 BETA” and the “Universal SSL” located in the Crypto Tab?

I also forgot to tell you that I already use the “Inmotion Hosting SSL Certificate” that I want to keep. So perhaps there is some kind of conflict ?

Sorry but I am really a novice.


Ah, with the SSL certificate, try setting SSL here to Full (Strict). Don’t change any of the other settings…yet.



I tried to put SSL to Full (Strict) as you told me.

Unfortunately it breaks all my website css.

I just turned off the Cloudflare SSL certificate.

I will wait a little bit and we will see when the changes will take effect.

Thank you


Can you turn it back on? I’d like to see how the CSS breaks.

p.s. The good news is that you no longer get the Too Many Redirects error.


Its Ok, I just turned it back on full (strict).

As you can see here (, my wordpress theme don’t really like the cloudflare SSL.

I think you will have to refresh a few times to see that it breaks everything.


It looks like HTTPS is working, and I don’t see any CSS errors. Is the footer section supposed to be dark?

The rest looks good.


And that’s how it looks from Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Pingdom’s page test:


It’supposed to look like this actually :

Here’s the footer :

The shop page :

And the blog page :

I took theses screenshots from my local backup (wamp) so a few things changed since this, but the menu and footer should look like this.


So here’s what I will do :

I will turn off the Cloudflare SSL certificate.

I will wait a little bit and see (because this morning when I checked everything seemed to be perfect with the Cloudflare SSL certificate turned OFF, but I think it takes times like 24h)


Other than the different background image in the front page header, that header and footer match what I saw.

I did not check out the Shop page, or the Blog, but I just didn’t see anything that was broken.

Now it’s giving me Too Many Redirects.


Now I got the error TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS but i think it will be fixed in a few hours.


I thought it was OK when I last checked it. I don’t expect the Too Many Redirects error will go away. That is usually an indication of an HTTP to HTTPS to HTTP infinite loop.


Hello Sdayman,

You’re right. I thought the error will stop by just waiting all night long but it didn’t work either.

So I change back the nameservers by the inmotion hosting ones and I remove my site from the cloudflare dashboard.

I think that perhaps the combination of Namecheap + Inmotion hosting + Cloudflare ins’t working.

Thanks for your help anyway

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