CloudFlare DDOS Protection on websites and services


I represent a company that manages networks at several off campus student housing apartments around the country.

On 3/27 is was reported to us via our community members that they are receiving a Cloudflare DDoS protection prompts before accessing a variety of websites. Also, the below services will not work on our networks. Since it was reported to us, they have also notified us it had resolved as well as restarted again.

We have had these issues in the past where services believe we are possibly a proxy or a VPN and we were able to work with those companies to whitelist our IP address. We do not utilize any VPN or Proxy technology. Would anyone be able to provide feedback as to why is this is intermittently occurring and how, if possible, we can resolve this?

I am happy to provide any documentation or IP addresses needed to validate my claims.

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It’s likely that so many people are using it at once that it believes you are running a VPN (which would have the same effect). Cloudflare has some ways of avoiding false positives with large networks, (see here), but it’s likely that your network is too large to be detected.

I’m not from Cloudflare, but from what I’ve seen, usually personal whitelist requests for IPs aren’t commonly honored, especially when there is a good chance that someone on your large network may unknowingly be a part of a botnet (although you might also get some consideration since you are a company representing a lot of users).

The best way to go for now until a response from Cloudflare however may be to use Privacy Pass, which is a browser extension that allows users to access websites from IPs with bad reputations without too many captchas (it won’t work for games, but for Doordash and Khophim, it’ll work in the browser).

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