Cloudflare DDos Protection is Blocking Api Callbacks on my Website

Recently my website was DDos attacked and I had to switch ON “I’m Under Attack” mode in my cloudflare dashboard, it really helped to get my website back up and running.

But I have a callback url on my website that is being called whenever payment is being paid to merchant account that credits them in my database. I think Cloudflare DDos Protection is Blocking Api Callbacks on my Website.

Please I need help as my website is useless if people cannot make payments, so what I was thinking is if its possible to exempt a particular link/url from cloudflare DDos Protection or if there is any other way please help me out

Yes, you can do that via a page rule and changing the security level for that particular path.

Oh thank God, atleast there is something that can be done…
But I don’t know how to set a Page Rule or Change Security Level for that particular path, is there any way you can assist with that?

What exactly is unclear about the page rule UI? Post a screenshot of what you tried.

I just checked my Dashboard and saw the Page Rule button. Everything is relatively easy, thanks for your help but one more last thing, in this case what Security Level should I select?

Essentially Off would be the best choice in your case.

Thank you very much. All working great now!

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