CloudFlare DDoS check get stuck in Infinite Loop

Hi Team,

Since the lost of my wifi out of the blue and it coming back up as strangely as it went down any website using Cloudfare ddos protection using the Baltimore CyberTrust Root certificate won’t clear the challenge and result by being stuck in an infinite Ray ID token loop.

I have proceed on clearing the cookies, cache, dns… I have update/reinstall brave browser (it works fine with any other browser from the same laptop). I have try from multiple wifi, VPN/Tor. Set the cloudfare dns, try to remove the certificate…

I have found some other people how has the same symptom as me, but on their own website not as a general issue on various cloudfare protected website.

While inspecting the pages with the issue i can see some status code 503/400.

My guess would be that my first hand issue when i lost my wifi and it came back up has created some sort of man in middle type of situation/confusion, but any walkthrough i could find to clean/clear end up in a dead end…

Does anyone have a idea about how to clear this issue ?

What is your domain name?

Have you got some caching setup at Cloudflare or your host/origin server?

Or do you have some specific Firewall rules, or maybe using I am under an attack mode?

well that’s the thing, i don’t have any domain name ord cloudfare account.

this happen any website that is using the same certificate. So not a config issue serveur side as many similar thread i could find, just the same behavior on a laptop as a “user”
the issue must be on a specific browser as it’s working fine while using a different browser on the same computer

Damn just solved this with my brand new mac book pro !

Thanks guys for the moral support


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