Cloudflare DDNS?

Hello, I want to use Cloudfalre’s DNS for my router but my router has no options for changing DNS and I am stuck with the one provided but my router supports DDNS so is it possible to use DDNS with Cloudflare’s DNS?

You are talking about two separate things here, DNS Resolution and Dynamic DNS.

In most home networks the router tells the various devices on your network what DNS servers to use for name resolution. They usually either tell the clients to use two resolvers run by the ISP, or to use the router, which is configured to send DNS lookups to the same two resolvers.

If there is no option in the router to change the DNS, you can either configure the devices directly to use, or install a different router and/or DHCP server. How to do this is outside the scope of this Community ( try Google or StackOverflow)

DDNS is supported by various methods documented here.

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