Cloudflare DDNS updater then works on windows?

Due to the limitations of my router (ISP basic router) I cannot set up my DDNS via the router and want to set it up directly on my device (windows PC).

I have been looking for a DDNS updater to use, but I don’t seem to be able to find one that supports Cloudflare and works on windows.

Any suggestions? I would really like to avoid using PowerShell or other types of scripts, because I am not well versed in those.

Thank you !

The last option on this page may be what you are looking for.

I’ve managed to make it work thanks, however, I now keep receiving an error in DNS-o-matic, even though the IP gets updated.

err Invalid request headers (6003)

I now changed it to global API key and now I get a different error:

err Unable to find record

Any ideas?

I was able to get it working, It seems like a bug because I had to rename A entry and then it started to work again.

But now while it is working, I’m still having issues reaching my device using the domain… any ideas?

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