CloudFlare DDNS Custom A Record not updating


I am trying to use Cloudflare to point at my servers at home with a dynamic IP. I have the domain we’ll call it updating correctly as it should. However, i have additional A records for or, these don’t update with the parent domain in the cloudflare dns control panel

Anyone have any ideas? Or a possible solution as to why they’re not updating?

Many thanks

Can you explain how automatic DDNS update works in your environment? E.g. are you configuring it in your router or via some software?

Or it could be better if you can just do a CNAME from them to

Hi Eric

I have cloudflare dens updating on my nas. I had to edit the conf file to add cloudflare as a ddns provider but once added it updates successfully.

I’ll give the CNAME a go and let you know how it goes.



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