CloudFlare Data Center in Switzerland

Hello friends. I know Cloudflare has data centers in Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich) as listed here in the network subpage of pain CF page.

I need the address or whereabouts for either of these locations. Could anyone help please?
Thanks and best regards

Why would you need to know the exact location of these?


Are you with Cloudflare or know the answer, or you’re just curious about my question?

None of the above.


None of the above means you don’t know the answer and you’re not asking out of curiosity :slight_smile: Really? So why are you asking then?


Thanks for the link. It’s not evident how one can find the location of the Cloudflare data center in Zurich or Geneva, Switzerland. Any tips?

Why are your curious about this?

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Thanks for the question Sandro. Since you’re a MVP I will tell you the reason and hope you can provide the info:

Cloudflare publicly states that it has a datacenter in Switzerland in two locations (Geneva and Zurich). And Cloudflare does business in Switzerland and has many customers. Therefore it is subject to Swiss law. For a Swiss prosecutor to subpoena Cloudflare in Switzerland an address in Switzerland is needed. Otherwise, to subpoena a foreign entity the matter gets highly complex with getting international agencies engaged. Without taking your time with related detail, since Cloudflare has a location in Switzerland and does business there, could you please provide an address where a Swiss subpoena can be submitted to. Swiss prosecutors will not put a San Francisco address on a domestic subpoena and there is no need for an international subpoena because Cloudflare does business in Switzerland.
Thanks much.

Thank you for the clarification. Datacenters are secure facilities that do not permit public entry. They are not a place where one can serve a subpoena. You will want to seek the registered agent in Switzerland.

In the United States, you can often search for that information with the business division of the secretary of state in the relevant state. I don’t know if there is a similar option in Switzerland, but it is going to be the fastest option.

Now that you have clarified your objective, it is possible that you may also obtain a relevant answer here in the Community.

3 Likes summarised it. The datacentres are no business addresses and cannot be used for that. They do have a couple of offices in Europe, in your context the German office may be the most suitable.

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Thanks for the info. Service of subpoena is not necessarily the key concept here, where a human interaction is necessary like service of summons. And I already assumed there is no public access in terms of reception area, etc. , but it has employees, and they come and go through a door, and it has an address, and it has electricity bills, etc., and so it has a mailing address, which is what I’m after, and not for the purpose of personal access.

This is a basic question Cloudflare can answer, and it makes it much easier than alternatives, for all parties involved including Cloudflare.

The request will probably be fulfilled by San Francisco or some other place, but for formality sake, a Swiss address is needed, and fact is Cloudflare does business in Switzerland, so it must have its own or a proxy’s address, which is what I’m after. Are any of you guys with Cloudflare itself or are you all outsiders. If any of you are insiders, could you please pass this on? Thanks a lot indeed.

Sandro, a foreign address can’t be used on a domestic subpoena. Their Munich address is in a shared office space and no phone.

It may be a shared office, but it’s an official business address which is more than a random third-party datacentre. You either pick the headquarter address or the German office.

You are incorrect. Cloudflare owns no data centers. They put equipment in shared hosting facilities.


I didn’t make that up. Cloudflare’s page lists Zurich and Geneva as locations of its data centers. Do you work for the company and are speaking for them?

  1. Are you 100% sure that CF does not own or rent any of the global locations that they claim to have data centers in?

  2. Is your statement about the German or SF an official statement (if you work for the company) or is it your opinion as an insider or an external party? You’re stating it as a fact.


Sorry that was partly meant for SANDRO.

Nobody said it’s a “random third-party datacenter”.

Do you work for the company and are speaking for them? Is your statement about the German or SF an official statement (if you work for the company) or is it your opinion as an insider or an external party? You’re stating it as a fact.


They do have datacentres in the mentioned location, just like they have one in Athens. I am not sure, but I guess @cscharff may have appreciated the latter actually :wink:

Anyhow, as mentioned, these are random third-party datacentres. You can certainly drop them a letter. In the best case you get it back, in the worst case it goes straight to monsieur bin.

You want to send them a legal letter? Pick an office. In your case the German one would be most appropriate, otherwise the town of holy Frank :wink:


The offices listed at the bottom of the page in the following link are the only physical locations for contacting Cloudflare:

That’s as official of an answer as the Community can provide.