Cloudflare Dashboard is not Opening, throwing API errors

The cloudflare dashboard has been very faulty for 2 days now. Sometimes it seems okay but other times it keeps throwing API errors. I can’t login sometimes as the page loads and all i see is a black screen with the tag {} And when it logs in and I am trying to modify my DNS records, it still throws API errors and most times it doesn’t even display my DNS records. See screenshot below:

The second screenshot shows the black screen

Please open an account ticket here:

Please let me know the ticket number or if you are unable to open a ticket, so I can escalate it.

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I’m unable to open ticket

I’ve escalated this issue.

Hey there,

I have created an internal support ticket: 3048599 where I will continue to investigate this issue with you.

Please feel free to ask any questions or if you have concerns on the ticket.

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