Cloudflare dashboard - Filter and display the zones (domains) by their status

Recently, I’ve come up with an issue where a user had a lot of domains to manage, therefore 5-7 were newely added each week :confused:

It would be really nice to have some kind of a “dropdown” select to filter and display only the zones by the selected status like “Active” or “Pending”, despite the e-mail notification to the customer when the Cloudflare is enabled and the zone is active or despite of the e-mail notification as a reminder to change nameserver.

Or, at least I cannot search the “pending” status for the zones and display them.

Maybe this could be done via API, but would be also nice to have it, if so, in the Cloudflare dashboard near the search box.

I believe it might help someone else too :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile: