Cloudflare Custom Pages - Hiding Token

Cloudflare Custom pages provide tokens to insert text, for example Always Offline cache miss provides ::ALWAYS_ONLINE_NO_COPY_BOX::.

Would Cloudflare care if I just put that token inside of a div with a display: none tag and just inserted my own generic error message like “This website is currently down or suffering network issues. You can retry for a live version of the site.” instead of showing the long, ugly, token content? It shows/does essentially the same thing, but they do require you to have the tag on your page, even if it’s in a hidden div. I just want to make sure I don’t get in trouble for trying to make my website look a little nicer.

TLDR: Can I hide the content Cloudflare inserts into Custom pages and insert my own generic messages without incurring wrath from the mighty Cloudflare? Apologies if this question is a bit strange and might not belong on the forums.

I would highly doubt CF cares since you are paying for the “custom error pages” feature [via paying for the domain’s plan] and can therefore customize the error pages however you wish, beyond using it to for phishing/malware and whatnot. A lot of people even completely remove the Cloudflare branding via the feature.

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That would make sense. Thanks for your reply, I suppose I just wanted affirmation that cloudflare wouldn’t care since it would be quite an issue if they took action against my site for it.

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