Cloudflare CSS Lint?

I have a few CSS files that are supposed to be minified via Cloudflare.

However, they are not. When examining the response headers, I see:

Cf-Bgj -> minify
Cf-Polished -> status=cannot_optimize

I have tried running the contents through a few linters online, but no errors are returned.

Is there a place where I can see what is causing it to not be able to be minified?

Could you post a link to such a file?

Two examples are:

For the first one there do not seem to be these headers in place, but it isnt cached either, hence wont be minified.

For the second one, your description seems to be accurate.

I am using Postman and the headers appear on those, plus a couple other examples:

True, now the first one also shows as being cached.

is content-security-policy responsible?

From what I can tell, it shouldnt be the syntax itself. There isnt any obvious header either which would point at an issue and the files do get cached.

My advice would be to open a ticket and have support have a look at it. They should be able to tell why it is flagged as “cannot_optimise”.

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