Cloudflare > SSL/TLS > Flexible SSL does not work in my case


I just enable the Flexible SSL for my domain, and I have not installed SSL cert to my host, but HTTPS://mydomain/ does not work finally, it showes the error message in Safari Browser: “… Can’t Connect to the server” , in parallel HTTP://mydomain/ works very well.

Any idea how to improve it? thank you all !!!

It’s quite possible the certificate hasn’t been processed and issued yet. Does your Crypto page show a Status for Universal SSL? It should say “Active” or something like that. Otherwise, it probably says activation takes 24 hours or so.

thanks, it gets fixed just now. cheers. where to close the ticket? please help to close it, thanks again.

1 Like should show your request history, you should be able to mark a ticket as closed there.

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