Cloudflare Crawl vs Visitor Triggered Caching?

In the support docs, it says that Cloudflare crawls my site every 14 days (when “always online” is enabled). []

Does this mean that regardless of visitor page requests, Cloudflare will crawl my entire site every 14 days and reload its cache?

In another doc, it says if no cache-control directive or expires response header exist, Edge Cache TTL is 2 hours for response code 200.

Does this mean that without any cache-related headers in my web page code, a (found) page will get cached when a visitor requests it and it’ll then be served from cache for 2 hours, after which the next visitor will cause it to be served from the origin server and reloaded into cache for the next 2 hours?

Also, if I do custom purge (or “purge everything”) does that force a recrawl and cache reload or does it just clear the cache and wait for visitor page requests to reload it?

And if I’m doing dev work on some pages, and want to see them in my browser, is the best practice to enable development mode? (But this bypasses the Cloudflare cache for all users while enabled, right?)

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