Cloudflare Crashes Webpage

Ok i’m not currently using Cloudflare, because I just removed my site from it. And changed the name servers back to the native host once again.

But whats happening is that the site is being served up by Cloudflare and just recently certain pages have issues like Graphics not loading, Mp3 files not loading, and just hangups as these things get delayed or not loaded.

I looked at the DNS records, the first time this was happening. I corrected some DNS addresses that were wrong. Copied all of them into Cloudflare. That worked for a while. But then it failed again: same problem. So I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to use Cloudflare at this point. It used to work perfectly but for some reason now there is an issue that prevents the site from fully loading. I know it’s Cloudflare because when I disable and remove it from the site the problem goes away.

Is there a setting I shouldn’t be using some new feature I may have added that has made this happen? I know Cloudflare is always adding new stuff on it… if it recommends it I just do it. But maybe one of those features conflicts with my site somehow? Anyone have any ideas? Is there any skeleton mode or bare minimum type of mode that Cloudflare has that may prevent any website incompatibilities?

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