CloudFlare could not detect "" as a registered domain


I am trying to activate CDN for this domain “” from SmarterASPNET host, but I got this error response.

CloudFlare could not detect “” as a registered domain.

I think SmarterASPNET calls Cloudflare API to interfacing with Cloudflare dashboard, why this problem occurs and how to solve it?
(PS: I can manually add the domain to my Cloudflare account, however, when Cloudflare retrieves the DNS records, it only finds one A record. BTW, the domain status is OK, and I do not find a DNS resolving problem with it.)

Someone could help me please?

That’s something to ask them. Maybe they require you to put your site on Cloudflare? In which case you need to change your nameservers to point towards CF. Best to ask them for support though

Thanks, Walshy. I did contact SmaretASPNET, the API interfacing functions well from their side, I have another domain name with them and I can successfully activate CDN for it in the same approach, they are still checking. I just wonder if the problem is with my domain, or Cloudflare detects other thing that indicates it is not a registered domain. Any help would be grateful.